MKI Torsion Wire Replacement/Magnet Assembly Repositioning

​A common problem with MKI balances especially those that have been moved without securing the travel clamp is that the balance  won't zero, or has a stretched or broken torsion wire.  This type of repair can be made without sending the balance back.  Just follow the torsion wire replacement procedure found in the MKI Operating Manual.  If necessary, you can purchase a replacement torsion wire from LJL Technologies.​

A non-zeroing Auto balance will need to be sent back for repair.

LJL Technologies can service both the MK1 and Auto balances manufactured by Sherwood Scientific.  This includes the balances previously distributed by Johnson Matthey.  Before sending your balance back for service, contact LJL Technologies at or 610-608-4332 to discuss the issue you have with your balance.  Many issues can be resolved without having to send the balance back for service.

If your balance does need to be sent back for service, complete the decontamination declaration and either e-mail or fax it back to LJL Technologies.  We will then give you shipping instructions.  There is a $500.00 inspection fee that will be applied to the repair should you decide to have us fix your balance.